How you can help

Email us!

Please consider a Donation (all money goes directly to the Eastern Shore)

You have seen our goals and how it all works. Now we need your help. This is totally a volunteer effort. Every dime raised for this project goes directly overboard off the Eastern Shore. We need people who know “people.” We need connections to material, to equipment, to barges, boats, and more. We need people on the lookout at construction sites. We need people who work for large development projects and have to pay to remove material before rebuilding. We need people who write proposals to write us in them for a place to send old concrete.

Do you know of an old barge somewhere that has lived it life? We want that bad! How about a pile of concrete culverts sitting in your woods, we want that! Know of a city project coming up ripping up sidewalk?? You’re our guy! Know where we can rent a barge to haul out material? We need you too. How about you are just a fishermen and have a pile of cinder blocks around your barn? Perfect! We need people just like us who like to fish and want to do something to give back. Every day in June and July we see many many boats on the reef pulling flounder, awesome right?? That happened because someone made it happen. Those days are gone, we are the only way it can happen again. The quote that sticks from the OC reef foundation, “squeaky wheel gets the grease” Lets show VMRC how much we can squeak. They have some funding coming up, let’s give them a reason to spend it here on the shore!

Please email us, call us, facebook, etc if you have any material, if you have some time, if you know a guy. If you can recommend anything. Nothing is too small right now. The ball has to start rolling somewhere, we are here pushing.