The goal of the project is to build more reef along the eastern shore of Virginia. If you are a fisherman you know how good fishing on the “railcars” can be. The cars are falling apart and this is our chance to improve fishing for decades to come. It is going to take an effort from everyone to make a difference. We need donations of time and materials. The official VMRC artificial reef program has been running on a shoestring budget for many years now. They were once well funded and did quote a few large scale projects, that was over ten years ago. We began this project with the intent of building on their groundwork.

Artificial reefs are especially important in the marine waters of the mid-Atlantic. Years ago the natural bottom near shore had crevices in which fish could breed and hide. Today, however, widespread development has increased runoff from the land. This has resulted in large quantities of silt and sand being deposited into the water, making the near-shore bottom flat. Artificial reefs provide a way to bring fish and other ocean creatures back into an area.

– www.epa.gov

We want to steady improve fishing on the eastern shore by improving and creating habitat on the existing local reef sites. Creating a new reef site is a monumental task at the moment and we need to learn to step before we walk. Getting the infrastructure and pathways setup to get material offshore is step one. Once we show that our project is working we can then put pressure on VMRC to do the groundwork for additional reef sites. A grassroots, non state funded program like this CAN work! Just look up our coast at the Ocean City Reef Foundation, ocreefs.org and their success!

“If you build it, they will come!”
The goal of Virginia’s Artificial Reef Program is to replicate a fish habitat close to that which occurs naturally. Each site provides feeding grounds and shelter for reef dwelling fish, which in turn attract larger predator fish. Artificial reef construction is part of a continuing effort to replenish fish populations for the sport fishermen. Currently, Virginia has 23 artificial reef sites (18 inshore and 5 offshore). 

Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC)

We are approved by VMRC to make this project happen. They have staff standing by ready to assist with approval of material and during deployment, what they do not have is a single dime to spend on new block or transport, that funding has been stripped. So it seems we are left to fend for ourselves, something the folks on the Eastern Shore actually do quite well.

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